Menu Boards

menu boardShow your customers what they want!

Future Vision Signs has a proven system for displaying your most valuable asset – your product.

Photographic menu signs

The photographs do all the work. Photographic menu signs are designed to highlight and sell products and show what is for sale. When this concept is understood, it is not difficult to see why colourful photographic signs are so important in the decision making process for dine-in or takeaway fast food outlets and their customers.

Why our menu boards work

  • The attractive photos will clearly show the items you sell
  • Emphasize products with high profit margins
  • A vast percentage of customers find it difficult to make quick decisions so the photographs help customers select items at a glance.
  • They visually offer customers your choice of menu that is helpful to non-English speaking people
  • They have removable price stickers which are quick and easy to change, and also very cost-effective!

Photographic menu boards modernize an old menu sign by replacing old photos and text with new colours and styles. It will also increase your profits from 10% up to 27% over chalkboards and conventional signage.

Custom designed products, custom made menu signs for your business.